Surgical shadowless light

Model: RC-LED500M touch

LED Shadowless operating lamp

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Product Introduction

  • Features

    1. Double domes both are 160000Lux with LCD touch control panel.

    2. 10 steps adjustable illumination.

    3. 5 steps adjustable color temperature.

    4. Endo mode.

    5. Deep illumination.

    6. PWM dimming technology, no flickering.

    7. LED cold light, head temperature rise less than 1℃.

    8. High color rendering index ensures clear views of the tissue and Organ.

    9. Removable sterilizer handle.

    10. Light field adjusting.

    11. Beautiful ultra-thin lamp head design.

    12. Optional build-in SONY HD camera and DELL monitor display.

    13. Optional UPS battery.

  • Technical Data
    Model RC-LED500M touch
    Head Diameter  700/500mm
    No. Of LED Blubs 80pcs+48pcs
    Illumination 160000Lux/140000Lux
    CRI Ra>95
    Color Temperature 3500-5000K
    Illumination Depth 1200mm
    Spot Diameter 120-300mm
    LED Life >50,000 Hours
    UPS Optional