Infant jaundice meter

Model: RC-MBJ30

Infant Jaundice Meter

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Product Introduction

Difference MBJ30 MBJ30 Performance Introduction
Memory 192 circular records storage /
Swiping YES 1. It will prompt user to swiping card after finishing one test.
2. The corresponding data of bilirubin value, user ID number, and test time can be saved after swiping.
Uploading Data YES 1. The user ID number, bilirubin value and test time can be checked on computer after uploading data.
2. Bilirubin value trend graph also can be checked.
Battery Rechargeable 1. 2* rechargeable AA batteries. “Ready” light will turn to yellow and flicker during charging.
2. Green light will show the full charge.
Battery charging heat protection YES 1. Red Ready light will warm if batteries are too hot(>48℃) during charge.
2. MBJ30 will stop charging automatically.
3. The charge will recover after battery temperature is reduced(<44℃)