Infant incubator

Model: RC-BIN4000C

Infant Incubator

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Product Introduction

Products Description & Technical Data
7 inch LCD touch screen control panel.                                         
1. Air temp.and skin temp.servo-controlled by computer;    
2. Various and self-check alarms
3. Free step mattress tilting adjustment;     
4. Removable humidity trough,easy to clean
5. >37°C temperature setting
6. With the transfusion shelf and tray    
7. Added with guardrail   
8. RS-232 connector                                                                           
9. With drawer and cabinet                                                               
10. Has humidity display and control function
11. Phototherapy is optional                                                             
12.Electronic lift is optional                                                                          
RC-BIN4000A: Based on above features, with additional X-ray cassette  BIN-4000B: Based on BIN-4000A, with addtional O2 concentration control                                                                                                 
RC-BIN4000C: Based on RC-BIN4000B, with scale weighing function

Short Description about their difference 
LCD touch screen+electrical lift +has Air and Skin temp control + with drawer+Humidity display and control+Monitor tray
Add :O2 concentration control + Weighing scale function.

Packing information
108*70*84cm, 0.64cbm
Total :1.32cbm/148kgs