Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Model: RC-EOS-23 (23L)

RC-EOS Series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer series

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Product Introduction

Product structure characteristics
RC-EOS series of ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet is well designed, sophisticated technology, mainly by the microcomputer control system, the residual gas processing device, sterilization studio etc..  
All the technical indicators of the product by the computer automated management, so control is accurate and reliable; The use of mixed ethylene oxide gas sterilization has the advantage of low toxicity, efficient broad-spectrum, sterilization thoroughly, penetrating strong sterilization time is short, no corrosion of items, no residue after sterilization of items, no pollution to the environment, so the use of safe and reliable; The series of products is China ethylene oxide sterilization equipment in the more advanced equipment.
Consumptive material
1.EO sterilizing agent                    2.EO indicator card
3.EO biological indicator               4. Medical packing bag

Technological advantage
Microcomputer control, simple and convenient operation, digital display working state(including temperature, humidity,negative pressure, sterilization time, exhaust gas treatment time/times)
The entire process of sterilization information record printing, for verification check and archive.
Built in humidity sensor: The use of advanced technology imported humidity sensor, automatic detection of sterilization indoor humidity,to ensure that no less than 45%RH, no higher than 85%RH.
It is equipped with automatic recovery function, regardless of power cut,outage,or the program disorder, it can determine the point of failure, the program can automatic recovery after power on and the device continue running.
Multiple protection functions: With over temperature protection function, more safe and reliable.
The air inlet is provided with a sterile filter, which can effectively filter out bacteria and microorganisms, and avoid the second time pollution when discharged.

Sterilization chamber  material Anti-corrosion type 304stainless steel
Working pressure -60Kpa
Operating temperature 50℃±5℃
Ethylene oxide sterilization concentration 0.6g/L
Select gas Mixed gas(80%EO、20%CO2)or pure EO gas(100%EO)
The sterilization time 0-99hours adjustable
Air replacement Automatic ventilation,cycle ventilation 5 times, once every15minutes

Each type of this product as follows:
Model Volume Chamber size(L*W*H) Carton size(L*W*H) Power
Gross weight(kg) Power supply
SQ-H40 23L 67*45*40cm 24*47cm 1.3 50 110V60HZ or 220V/50HZ
SQ-H80 80L 60*32*45cm 78*62*110cm 1.5 115 110V60HZ or 220V/50HZ
SQ-H120 120L 60*40*50cm 78* 62 *115cm 2.8 160 110V60HZ or 220V/50HZ
SQ-H220 220L 74* 50* 60cm 92* 72 *125cm 3.0 195 110V60HZ or 220V/50HZ
SQ-H360 360L 83*60*73cm 101*82*138cm 3.6 280 110V60HZ or 220V/50HZ
SQ-H460 460L 95*60*82cm 114*80*148cm 4.5 370 220V/50HZ
SQ-H600 600L 98*68*91cm 116*88*156cm 5.3 420 220V/50HZ
SQ-H800 800L 110*73*100cm 130*95*165cm 6.5 470 220V/50HZ or 380V/50hz
SQ-H120 1000L 117*81.5*104.5cm 135*110*172cm 7.5 575 220V/50HZ or 380V/50hz